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From June to December in 2017, I worked as a video intern and subsequently a part-time junior reporter at Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), the public broadcasting station in Hong Kong. During my time as a video intern, I mainly produced videos for its online news website, in which I was responsible for editing news clips, translating Cantonese and Mandarin speech into English subtitles, captioning visual stories and shooting events such as press conferences. As I became a junior reporter later on, I reported on current affairs in Hong Kong and produced audio packages for RTHK’s English Radio News Programme.

The following are selections of my work in RTHK. Note that some of the audio clips and videos are no longer available on RTHK’s website.


School not serious in handling bully case

November 20, 2017

A seven-year-old student from CCC Hoh Fuk Tong Primary School in Tuen Mun underwent surgery on Saturday (November 18, 2017) to remove fragments of erasers that were lodged in his ear. His parents say his classmates did that to him, and have reported it to the police.

Full story:

I wrote and recorded the script of this news clip.

Bookworms on the hunt for English books at fair

July 24, 2017

The book fair has become one of the highlights during the summer every year in Hong Kong. How do English readers find this Chinese-dominated event? Which booths are the most crowded and popular one? We were there to find out.

Full story:

I filmed the whole video and co-edited the final product.

with Candice Wong, Trinity Sher, Jimmy Choi

More medical waste surfaces in Discovery Bay

June 29, 2017

Residents and volunteers have discovered medical waste at the beaches in Discovery Bay, some of which are believed to be from outside Hong Kong. Hoping to urge the government to look into the issue to prevent potential injuries, they demonstrated outside the Central Government Office and displayed what they have collected in the past six months.

Full story:

I filmed the whole video.

with Jimmy Choi, Trinity Sher

Govt urged to promote sign language for deaf kids

June 20, 2017

Lawmakers and concern groups protested outside the Central Government Office to demand for more supports to students with hearing difficulties.

Full story:

I filmed the protest and the interview with a mobile phone.

with Candice Wong, Jimmy Choi

Education funding debate stretches on

July 19, 2017

A new round of political standoff broke out in the Legislative Council Finance Committee as the court had ruled earlier that four of the opposition lawmakers were disqualified, creating hurdles for the passage of Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s first signature policy.

Full story:

In this video, I edited the orginal clip from the official feed to suit the need of English audience.

PLA strong enough to wipe out separatists: Xi

August 1, 2017

Chinese President Xi Jingping made a speech on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army that the military would not hesitate to crush any attempt to invade or split the nation, amid recent border conflicts with India and various seperatist movements in China.

Full story:

In this video, I edited the clip sourced from Associated Press and translated the speech into English subtitles.

Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia burn seized drugs

June 26, 2017

Located in one of the world’s greatest drug-producing areas, Myanmar torched confiscated drugs in its capitol Yangon to mark the UN’s world anti-drug day.

Full story:

In this video, I edited the clip sourced from Associated Press and captioned it with short description of the news story.

Xi Jinping inspects PLA military parade

June 30, 2017

Chinese President Xi Jingping inspected the PLA Hong Kong Garrison at the Shek Kong Barracks during his 3-day visit in the city to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR.

Full story:

In this video, I edited the clips sourced from CCTV and RTHK and captioned it with short description of the news story.

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