Anti-mainland China sentiment fuelled as mainland Chinese accused over blood shortage

This story is written as an assignment for the Reporting and Writing (JMSC1005) course during the fall semester in 2016 at HKU. Anti-mainland China sentiment in Hong Kong has once again been fuelled as accusation of mainland Chinese using up the local blood supply were circulated on social media. The post was originated from HKGolden, […]

The wireless charging mod

I came across with this video on YouTube recently, titled “Smartphone Charger Convert Into Wireless Charger”. The process claimed to be able to convert an ordinary phone charger into a wireless charger is demonstrated in this video. A magnet, copper wire, aluminum foil and electrical tape are needed in addition to phone charger and cable. […]

Harvard research proving benefits of eating chicken skin?

One of my friends shared this article by Apple Daily titled “Chicken skin is not really unhealthy, good for heart because of its unsaturated fat”, on Facebook. The lede mentioned a research from the Harvard School of Public Health which pointed out that most of the fat in chicken skin are constituted by heart-healthy […]

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