Boyfriend getting shocked because of cheating?

I was told recently that there was a video about a girl punishing her boyfriend for cheating on her by shocking him with a stun gun. After simple Google search, this is what I found.

The original video was uploaded by the user SarahMandie from Las Vegas on YouTube but was deleted due to its nature of “harassment and bullying”. This is a link to the video re-uploaded by someone else. The video began with a girl in a car telling her friend, who was filming her, that her boyfriend was cheating on her, and she was going to revenge on him with the stun gun which had been given to her by him as a Christmas gift. She then alighted with the camera following her and walked into a house, where her boyfriend was with another girl on the couch. The boyfriend was trying to explain but the girlfriend just ignored him and shocked his crotch with the stun gun.

Some traditional news media has reported this video as well. Here is an article from DailyMail.


The article basically described the video with quotes in details without any following up, as if the video was a reliable source and the attack actually took place. Indeed, there are a few questionable points in the video. Firstly, why did the girl explain everything in the beginning of the video just like talking to strangers/audience? Why did she allow the “attack” to be caught on camera? Wasn’t she afraid of it being used as an evidence if the case was brought to the police? Also, the scene that her boyfriend was just happening to be with another girl when her girlfriend went in was just too perfect to be true.

The reporter should contact the Las Vegas police and hospitals to check whether such case has been reported, and should definitely try to approach the uploader of the video to verify. Perhaps some weapon or medical experts can be invited as well to comment on the reaction of the man after being shocked and thus to deduce the truthfulness of the video.

In fact, we can easily find out the identity of any netizen as the use of social media is getting more and more popular today. The uploader of the video has actually linked her Facebook profile to her YouTube account ( ), and there is a post on her timeline posted by her friend saying that they are featured in DailyMail. Judging from the use of language, they seemed to be proud about it.


If you look at the post carefully, a man has also been tagged in this post, who looks a lot like the “boyfriend” being shocked in the video! If he really has cheated on the girl, how could they be tagged together in a post with such a tone? The video might just be another prank from people who want to get fame.

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